YAY! Aurora Teagarden Come to Life

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I was scrolling down through my Facebook feed and read something really cool! Read it for yourself:



I really liked the Aurora Teagarden books, so I am excited to see the movies.  Unlike what HBO did with True Blood (which I love), I hope to see something that sticks closer to the books.

I hope that this is true because I can’t find info about it anywhere else.  If it is true, then I hope I have the Hallmark Channel!

This post is just full of hope!







The Black Dagger Brotherhood series packs in vampires, love stories, a monarchy, warriors, sex, god/goddess, good and evil, war, treason, and so much more! I love these books. This series sucks you in and makes you walk among characters, feel what they feel, and see what they see. You live there for a period of time and walk away with your head swimming. It always takes me a bit to shift from the book world to the real world.

The King (latest book in series) is no different. I got sucked right in! It was hard to put the book down and I finished the 573 page book in two days. I, literally, did nothing else but eat, sleep, and read this book. I don’t think I surfaced more than a few minutes at a time.


Spoilers passed this point.-



This book bounces around a bit from several different viewpoints.

Wrath and Ahna. When Wrath met Ahna he knew she was for him. He respected her so much and treated her with kindness from the moment he saw her. It put a stick in the Glymeria’s craw.

They thought by destroying his father, they would be able to control him as king. They didn’t figure upon him really having a backbone or finding love. They didn’t count The Black Dagger Brotherhood in at all. All these things make Wrath fierce.

So when Wrath finds out they killed his father after his pregnant mate falls ill in the same manner.


Wrath and Beth. When Wrath finds out Beth spends a lot of time around the pregnant Chosen Layla trying to bring on her needing, he goes ballistic. He doesn’t listen to what Beth has to say and doesn’t take her feelings into consideration. Surprise! Beth’s not like other vampires. She doesn’t take his crap.

Wrath has so much on his plate handling all of the Glymera bullshit. They seem to have a backhoe to his shovel and an unlimited amount of bulls. The fact that they have joined ranks with the Band of Bastards has just taken the shit to new heights.

Despite everything the Glymera and the Band of Bastards throw at him, he learns what it means to be king and comes into his own. Maybe he owes it all to a certain mate of his.


Assail and Sola. Two words: unfinished business.  These two have loads of it even by the end of the book.  It’s just hanging there.

Sola gets kidnapped by her former employer.  She knows her chances of coming out of this alive are small.  She must find a way to save herself.  The whole time she is hoping and praying for Assail to find her.

Assail loves Sola and Sola loves Assail even if neither one wants to recognize it.


Trez and Selena. He has sullied himself possibly right out of his soul mate. She may be dying. Neither one of them tells the other what the true problem is. It’s a mess. It really just makes you want to smack them both.


Xcor and Layla. They have a very deep connection. Layla isn’t afraid to use that connection to try to save her king. Her motivations may be pure, but she is also putting so much more on the line, like her child with Qhuinn. I have a feeling her whole world is going to be turned upside down very soon.


Xhex and John. I really can not wait for them to find out his true identity! I think Wrath, Qhuinn and his mate are all starting to suspect. I can’t wait to read more about Xhex and John.


iAm. I really want him to find a mate. He really deserves to be happy.


My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


June Reading

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I wasn’t even in 5 pages when I had to skip to the end to see if Ethan and Lena were there.  Once I saw who was and wasn’t there, I started reading.  Even though I liked it, it wasn’t the best book out of the Caster Chronicles.   I think out of them all it was probably my least favorite.   It was a definitely slower read for me.


– Spoilers passed this point.-


Lena is devastated that Ethan sacrificed himself for her and the world.  She refused to believe that he is gone forever and begins to convince her and Ethan’s friends and family.  There has to be a way to bring him back after all Macon did.

Ethan finds out that this was never supposed to be.  Someone tampered with his page in the book and rewrote his future.  Even though he found himself in Otherworld with the one person he has missed the most, his mom, he has to find a way back to Lena to his life.

Standing in their way is just death, Abraham, and Angelus.  No biggie.

My Rating: ☆☆☆


I am interested enough to give the next book a try.  I wasn’t really drawn into the story like I usually am.  I hope the next one can reel me in!

– Spoilers passed this point.-

Nadia doesn’t like to have to move from the big city to B.F.E., but she was willing to in order for her family to get a fresh start.  Almost to their new town, she feels the magic and tries to make sense of it.  By the time she does, it’s too late.  Her grimoire slams into the barrier causing the car to flip into a ditch.

Luckily, her family survives with relatively minor injuries.   But that is where she meets him first.  Mateo had pulled her from the car while her father attended to her little brother and called 911.  He was beautiful and he seemed to recognize her.  How could that be?

Mateo was on the highway that night.  He was in a class with her at high school.  He was there when she got lost after running off after being caught practicing her craft.  He was the one who brought her cell phone to her when she didn’t even realize it was missing.  He seemed to be everywhere coming to her rescue.  And yet, he seemed not to want anything to do with her.  What the hell?

Mateo knows he is doomed to insanity as the family curse begins with prophetic dreams about the new girl.  Every dream he sees her dying and doesn’t want that. He has to stay away from her for her own good.   Only he can’t.  She’s everywhere and he can’t help himself.  He wants her.

Nadia might not be able to make sense of Mateo (guys, go figure!), but she knows enough Craft to sense that evil is in this town.   Something big is coming.   But, what or who is it?  Will she be able to stop it?


My Rating: ☆



People who come close (in looks) to the characters in the movie in my head.

Ashley Greene (alternate Kaya Scodelario) as Nadia

Francis Cadieux (alternate Tyler Blackburn) as Mateo

Elizabeth Olsen as Verlaine




Although I did not get so excited that I jumped to the last chapter, I did like this read.  I will probably pick up the next book in the Assassin series.


– Spoilers passed this point.-


Solomon “Solo” Judah attends a Black ops meeting with his brothers in arms only to be blown up and sold to a malicious circus owned by Jecis Lukas.  Solo wakes to find himself caged and bound while on display in a depraved zoo exhibit with fellow Otherworlders.  The beautiful Vika, Jecis’s deaf daughter, is charged with their care.  Although the beast inside him wishes nothing but her death and tells her so, the human in him wants her for his mate.

Vika has been abused almost her entire life, so a few threats from Solo really don’t even rank.  She goes about taking care of all the Otherworlders as if she is oblivious and uncaring.  If only she were.  It would be so much easier not to care.

Solo watches Vika as she cares for each Otherworlder.  He learns she is much more than he first thought and even the beast within could never harm her.  He planned on using her to free himself and the others, but he finds himself unwilling to harm or leave her behind.

Vika learns that men are supposed to be caring and protective through her interactions with Solo.  As she learns to trust him, she also realizes her love for him.

In order to escape, Solo must learn patience and to control his temper.  Vika must learn to stand up for herself and others without being tainted by evil like her father.  But, can they do this together? Are their differences too much?  Should they even take the chance?


My Rating: ☆

Mama’s Day

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Dalmation Purple Foxglove.

Because they know Mama likes her flowers with roots!