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The Black Dagger Brotherhood series packs in vampires, love stories, a monarchy, warriors, sex, god/goddess, good and evil, war, treason, and so much more! I love these books. This series sucks you in and makes you walk among characters, feel what they feel, and see what they see. You live there for a period of time and walk away with your head swimming. It always takes me a bit to shift from the book world to the real world.

The King (latest book in series) is no different. I got sucked right in! It was hard to put the book down and I finished the 573 page book in two days. I, literally, did nothing else but eat, sleep, and read this book. I don’t think I surfaced more than a few minutes at a time.


Spoilers passed this point.-



This book bounces around a bit from several different viewpoints.

Wrath and Ahna. When Wrath met Ahna he knew she was for him. He respected her so much and treated her with kindness from the moment he saw her. It put a stick in the Glymeria’s craw.

They thought by destroying his father, they would be able to control him as king. They didn’t figure upon him really having a backbone or finding love. They didn’t count The Black Dagger Brotherhood in at all. All these things make Wrath fierce.

So when Wrath finds out they killed his father after his pregnant mate falls ill in the same manner.


Wrath and Beth. When Wrath finds out Beth spends a lot of time around the pregnant Chosen Layla trying to bring on her needing, he goes ballistic. He doesn’t listen to what Beth has to say and doesn’t take her feelings into consideration. Surprise! Beth’s not like other vampires. She doesn’t take his crap.

Wrath has so much on his plate handling all of the Glymera bullshit. They seem to have a backhoe to his shovel and an unlimited amount of bulls. The fact that they have joined ranks with the Band of Bastards has just taken the shit to new heights.

Despite everything the Glymera and the Band of Bastards throw at him, he learns what it means to be king and comes into his own. Maybe he owes it all to a certain mate of his.


Assail and Sola. Two words: unfinished business.  These two have loads of it even by the end of the book.  It’s just hanging there.

Sola gets kidnapped by her former employer.  She knows her chances of coming out of this alive are small.  She must find a way to save herself.  The whole time she is hoping and praying for Assail to find her.

Assail loves Sola and Sola loves Assail even if neither one wants to recognize it.


Trez and Selena. He has sullied himself possibly right out of his soul mate. She may be dying. Neither one of them tells the other what the true problem is. It’s a mess. It really just makes you want to smack them both.


Xcor and Layla. They have a very deep connection. Layla isn’t afraid to use that connection to try to save her king. Her motivations may be pure, but she is also putting so much more on the line, like her child with Qhuinn. I have a feeling her whole world is going to be turned upside down very soon.


Xhex and John. I really can not wait for them to find out his true identity! I think Wrath, Qhuinn and his mate are all starting to suspect. I can’t wait to read more about Xhex and John.


iAm. I really want him to find a mate. He really deserves to be happy.


My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



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