I am THE book junkie extraordinaire.  I always have a book (or two) that I am reading. I love diving into other worlds, living the heart pounding adventures, and witnessing breathtaking relationships.   Often I get so sucked into a book, that it’s hard to surface into reality!

With that said, I still have one helluva life outside my books!  I am the mom catches the frogs and snakes for her kids, plays in the rain with her boys, makes mud/sand castles, and isn’t afraid to bust a nail or get dirty.  I am the person who plans our camping, zoo, museum, and other road trips.  I love having fun with my family and taking our own little adventures.

In addition to being an avid reader and mom, I am also a wife, graphic designer, photography enthusiast, and amateur gardener.  I worship the sun (with tons of sunscreen on, of course) and the outdoors.  I also love music and how it motivates me.  (I need all the motivation I can get at the gym or when cleaning my house!) And yes, I write.  Maybe one day, I will finish a story and get published.  (Ah, too dream!)



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