Last Kiss Goodnight by Gena Showalter

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Book Reviews



Although I did not get so excited that I jumped to the last chapter, I did like this read.  I will probably pick up the next book in the Assassin series.


– Spoilers passed this point.-


Solomon “Solo” Judah attends a Black ops meeting with his brothers in arms only to be blown up and sold to a malicious circus owned by Jecis Lukas.  Solo wakes to find himself caged and bound while on display in a depraved zoo exhibit with fellow Otherworlders.  The beautiful Vika, Jecis’s deaf daughter, is charged with their care.  Although the beast inside him wishes nothing but her death and tells her so, the human in him wants her for his mate.

Vika has been abused almost her entire life, so a few threats from Solo really don’t even rank.  She goes about taking care of all the Otherworlders as if she is oblivious and uncaring.  If only she were.  It would be so much easier not to care.

Solo watches Vika as she cares for each Otherworlder.  He learns she is much more than he first thought and even the beast within could never harm her.  He planned on using her to free himself and the others, but he finds himself unwilling to harm or leave her behind.

Vika learns that men are supposed to be caring and protective through her interactions with Solo.  As she learns to trust him, she also realizes her love for him.

In order to escape, Solo must learn patience and to control his temper.  Vika must learn to stand up for herself and others without being tainted by evil like her father.  But, can they do this together? Are their differences too much?  Should they even take the chance?


My Rating: ☆


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